2019,  vol 17, issue 2

Issue DOI: https://doi.org/10.15407/nnn.17.02

Yu. O. Kruglyak
«Physics of Nanotransistors: Scattering of Electrons and Model of Transmission of Metal–Oxide–Semiconductor Field-Effect Transistor»
225–253 (2019)

Yu. O. Kruglyak
«Physics of Nanotransistors: Integrating of Model of Transmission and Model of the Virtual Source—Model of Transmission of the Virtual Source»
255–282 (2019)

A. V. Zdeshchyts, R. M. Balabai
«Electronic Properties of a Hybrid Composite of Nanocellulose/Graphene-Like ZnO from Calculations on the Basis of the First Principles»
283–298 (2019)

V. M. Boichuk, Kh. V. Bandura, V. O. Kotsyubynsky, I. P. Yaremiy, S. V. Fedorchenko
«Synthesis, Structural, Morphological, Electrical, and Electrochemical Properties of Ni(OH)2/Reduced Graphene Oxide Composite Materials»
299–310 (2019)

D. L. Starokadomsky, N. V. Sigaryova, S. V. Shulga, L. M. Kokhtych, N. M. Moshkivska, A. A. Nikolaychuk, O. O. Tkachenko, M. M. Reshetnyk
«Effect of Oxidized Graphene on Mechanical Properties of Polyepoxy Composites and Their Resistance to Aggressive Medium»
311–320 (2019)

L. I. Karbovska, V. L. Karbivskyy, N. A. Kurgan, A. O. Romansky, O. Ya. Kuznetsova, A. P. Soroka
«Quantum Nature of Stability Mechanisms of Calcium Apatite Structure»
321–341 (2019)

Mohammed A. B. Abdul Jabar
«Studying Solid Solutions of Substitution of Pb with Sm in Lead-Sodium Apatite Structure»
343–352 (2019)

O. M. Bordun, I. O. Bordun, I. I. Kukharskyi, I. I. Medvid, Zh. Ia. Tsapovska, D. S. Leonov
«Features of Deposition and Formation of the Structure of Y2O3:Eu Thin Films Obtained by Radio-Frequency Sputtering»
353–360 (2019)

Djoko Kustono, Poppy Puspitasari, Wahono,, Aris Sandy Setya Ananda, Maizatul Shima Shaharun, Alief Muhammad
«Time Dependence on Magnetic Properties of Nanomaterial Manganese–Zinc Ferrite (Mn0.8Zn0.2Fe2O4) by Co-Precipitation Method»
361–370 (2019)

N. V. Sych, S. I. Trofymenko, M. M. Tsyba, V. M. Vikarchuk, L. A. Kupchyk, M. F. Kovtun, A. Klunko
«Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Nanoporous Material Obtained by Activation of Coffee Sludge»
371–380 (2019)

Viktoriia Yu. Tsuber, Yuliya B. Nikoziat, Larysa M. Kopantseva, Lyubov K. Ishcheykina, Olena D. Ivashchenko
«Effective Atomic Charges on Carbon Atoms in C–H Bonds are Reliable Predictors of Reactivity of Alcohols in Hydrogen-Abstraction Reactions»
381–398 (2019)

D. Ì. Nozdrenko, Î. P. Motuziuk, K. I. Bogutska, V. L. Osetskyi, Yu. I. Prylutskyy
«Dynamics of Contraction of the musculus soleus of Rats in Chronic Alcoholization and Therapeutic Action of Water-Soluble C60 Fullerenes»
399–408 (2019)

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