2019,  vol 17, issue 4

N. Volkova, M. Yukhta, A. Goltsev
«Gold Nanoparticles for Treatment of Experimental Burns»
0597–0608 (2019)

M. D. Kucheruk, D. A. Zasekin, R. O. Dymko
«Application of a Composition of Nanosolutions of Silver and Lactic Acid for Veterinary Disinfection»
0609–0619 (2019)

I. A. Martyrosian, O. V. Pakholiuk, B. D. Semak, O. Z. Komarovska-Porokhniavets, V. I. Lubenets, S. A. Pambuk
«New Technologies of Effective Protection of Textiles Against Microbiological Damage»
0621–0636 (2019)

V. I. Grygoruk, V. I. Kanevskyi, S. O. Kolienov
«Analytical Calculation of Conditions for Submicronic Etching of a Flat Surface of Quartz»
0637–0648 (2019)

O. V. Sumariuk, V. F. Romankevych, I. I. Gutsulyak, V. V. Mykhailovych, Yu. T. Roman, I. M. Fodchuk
«Influence of a Microstructure of Fractures of Concrete on Strength of Concrete Composites of High Structural Strength and Density»
0649–0660 (2019)

T. S. Skoblo, O. I. Sidashenko, I. E. Garkusha, V. S. Taran, R. M. Muratov, E. A. Satanovskiy, O. K. Oleynik, . V. Maltsev, V. M. Romanchenko, O. D. Martynenko
«Structure and Properties of Piston Rings with Ion-Plasma Multilayer Nanohardening»
0661–0678 (2019)

V. Ye. Panarin, M. Ye. Svavilnyi
«Carbon Nanostructures Synthesized by Means of Modernized Bulat-Type Installation for Ion-Plasma Deposition»
0679–0688 (2019)

I. M. Budzulyak, O. M. Khemii, O. V. Morushko, D. I. Popovych, Yu. Starchuk, L. S. Yablon
«Electrochemical Properties of \(\beta\)-Hydroxide Nickel/Carbon Composites»
0689–0700 (2019)

E. I. Get'man, S. V. Radio
«Predicting the Substitution of Rare-Earth Elements with Cerium in the Solid Solutions Based on Nanoscale Ln\(_2\)SiO\(_5\) (Ln=TbLu, Y)»
0701–0710 (2019)

O. M. Bordun, I. O. Bordun, I. M. Kofliuk, I. Yo. Kukharskyy, I. I. Medvid, . Ya. Mylyo, D. S. Leonov
«Synthesis and Structure of \(Y_2O_3\):Eu Thin Films»
0711–0716 (2019)

Yacine Aoun, Said Benramache
«The Effect of the Doping Levels on Urbach Energy of the Zinc Oxide Thin Films»
0717–0727 (2019)

S. I. Ryabtsev, . V. Sukhova
«Structure and Electrical Properties of Thin Al\(_{66}\)Cu\(_{18}\)Co\(_{16}\) and Al\(_{69}\)Co\(_{16}\)Ni\(_{15}\) Films»
0729–0736 (2019)

. L. aslyanchuk, T. . Mykytyuk, . . Fodchuk
«Electrical and Photoelectrical Properties of the CdS/CdMgTe Heterostructure for Tandem Solar Cells»
0737–0746 (2019)

L. M. Yashchenko, L. O. Vorontsova, T. T. Alekseeva, T. V. Tsebrienko, L. P. Steblenko, A. M. Kuryliuk, O. O. Brovko
«The Prospect of Using Ti-Containing Epoxyurethane Composites in Solar Energy»
0747–0760 (2019)

E. A. Lysenkov
«Simulation of Thermal Conductivity of Polymer Nanocomposites, Using Models Based on Thermal-Electrical Analogy»
0761–0772 (2019)

V. I. Dubodelov, V. Ye. Panarin, A. V. Narivskyy, V. O. Seredenko, V. M. Fikssen, O. V. Seredenko
«Influence of the Plasma Component on Structure Forming of Pre-Eutectic Silumin in Magnetohydrodynamic Mixing Fusion»
0773–0782 (2019)

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