Issues  2017,  Volume 15, Issue 4

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O. L. Pavlenko, V. A. Brusentsov, O. P. Dmytrenko, M. . Seryk, V. A. Sendiuk, M. P. Kulish, A. M. Gaponov, Yu. L. Slominskyy, V. V. Kurdyukov, and O. D. Kachkovsky
«Aggregation of Squaraine Dyes in the Deposited Films»
589–597 (2017)

. . Drapikovskyi, . . Zabolotnyi, Yu. . Barabash, . P. Kulish, and . P. Dmytrenko
«Construction and Study of Model of Slow Electron Transport and Conformational Changes in Molecules of the Bacterial Reaction Centres»
599–610 (2017)

M. A. Musayev and I. I. Abbasov
«Laser Optoacoustical Method for Investigation of Some Physical Properties of Oil and Petroleum »
611–618 (2017)

L. Matkovska, I. Tkachenko, V. Demchenko, M. Iurzhenko, and Ye. Mamunya
«The Effect of Lithium Perchlorate on the Structure of Epoxy Resin Composites»
619–628 (2017)

A. B. Melnick and V. K. Soolzhenko
«Investigation of the Aluminium Melting Processes»
629–636 (2017)

G. P. Malanych and V. M. Tomashyk
«Influence of the Viscosity Modifier in H2O2HBrEthylene Glycol Solutions on the Chemical Etching of PbTe Single Crystals and Pb1?xSnxTe Solid Solutions»
637–647 (2017)

O. V. Savvova and O. I. Fesenko
«Formation of Apatite-Like Layer on the Surface of Nanostructured CalciumPhosphateSilicate Coatings on Titanium Alloys»
649–662 (2017)

V. O. Kotsyubynsky, A. B. Hrubiak, B. K. Ostafiychuk, M. A. Hodlevska, S. . Vorobiov, V. V. Moklyak, and S. V. Fedorchenko
«Photocatalytic Properties of Anatase/Brookite Nanocomposite»
663–674 (2017)

V. O. Kotsyubynsky, B. K. Ostafiychuk, R. P. Lisovsky, V. V. Moklyak, A. B. Hrubiak, I. I. Hryhoruk, and Al-Saedi Abdul Halek Zamil
«Plate-Like LiFePO4 Nanoparticles: Synthesis, Structure, Electrochemistry»
675–686 (2017)

V. S. Bushkova and B. K. Ostafiychuk
«Electronic Transport Phenomena of Electric Charge in Semiconductors Ni1-xCdxFe2O4»
687–701 (2017)

V. M. Yuzevich, B. P. Koman, and R. Dzhala
«The Peculiarities of Contact Potential Difference and Energy Characteristics of Metal Boundaries»
703–711 (2017)

I. A. Tokarieva and B. I. Bayrachny
«Nanostructured Anodic Oxide Coatings on Valve MetalsChallenges and Opportunities»
713–740 (2017)

L. S. Yablon, I. M. Budzulyak, O. V. Morushko, R. V. Ilnythky, O. M. Hemiy, and A. I. Kachmar
«Formation and Properties of MoS2/C Composite for Lithium Current Sources»
741–755 (2017)

M. Yu. Barabash, A. A. Kolesnichenko, and D. S. Leonov
«Spectroscopy of Amorphous Carbon on the Glass Substrate and on the Thin Copper Layer»
757–769 (2017)

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