Issues  2017,  Volume 15, Issue 3

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A. Attoui, A. Boualleg, S. Redadaa
«New Microstrip Resonator of Nanostructured Materials in a Liquid-Crystal-Based Phase Shifter»
389–399 (2017)

E. Sakher, N. Loudjani, M. Benchiheub, S. Belkahla, M. Bououdina
«Microstructure Characterization of Nanocrystalline Ni50Ti50 Alloy Prepared Via Mechanical Alloying Method Using the Rietveld Refinement Method Applied to the X-Ray Diffraction»
401–416 (2017)

T. G. Beynik, N. A. Matveevska, M. V. Dobrotvorska, P. V. Mateychenko, M. I. Danilenko, T. O. Cheipesh, D. Yu. Kosyanov, A. A. Vornovskikh, V. G. Kuryavyi
«Fabrication and Properties of Gold Nanostars and Film Structures Based on Them»
417–429 (2017)

M. S. Brodyn, V. I. Rudenko, V. R. Liakhovetskyi, T. G. Beynik, N. A. Matveevska
«Spectral and Nonlinear Optical Properties of Mono- and Multilayer Films Based on Star-Shaped Nanoparticles Planted on the Glass Substrates»
431–446 (2017)

V. H. Kasiyanenko, L. I. Karbivska, N. A. Kurgan, E. Ya. Kuznetsova, V. L. Karbivskyy
«Physical Properties of the VirusInorganic Hybrid Complexes TMVAu»
447–476 (2017)

A. M. Boichuk, I. M. Hasiuk, R. V. Ilnytskyi, R. P. Lisovskyi, T. Ia. Boichuk, P. O. Sulym
«Diffusion Processes in Solid-Phase Systems Based on the Fe-Containing Ion-Conductive Spinel Matrixes»
477–486 (2017)

A. F. Diadenchuk, V. V. Kidalov
«n-ZnO:Al/porous-CdTe/p-CdTe Heterostructures as Photoelectric Converters»
487–494 (2017)

I. V. Levchenko, I. B. Stratiychuk, V. M. Tomashyk, G. P. Malanych, A. S. Stanetska, A. A. Korchovyi
«Influence of the C6H8O7 Concentration Change on the Chemical Interaction of InAs, InSb, GaAs and GaSb with the Etching (NH4)2Cr2O7HBrC6H8O7 Solutions»
495–506 (2017)

H. M. Zarytska, V. A. Brusentsov, O. L. Pavlenko, O. P. Dmytrenko, M. P. Kulish, O. D. Kachkovskyi, Iu. L. Briks
«Electronic Structure of the Molecular System of the C60 Fullerene with Indopentamethinecyanine Dye for Cases of the Stacking and Covalent Interactions»
507–516 (2017)

I. M. Bordun, M. M. Sadova, A. K. Borysiuk, Yu. O. Kulyk
«Investigation of the Structure of Activated Carbon from Plant Material by Means of X-Ray Diffractometry and Small-Angle Scattering»
517–533 (2017)

V. L. Demchenko, M. V. Iurzhenko
«Features of Nanostructural Organization, Properties, and Behaviour of Welded Joints of Polyethylenes Relaxation»
535–546 (2017)

T. L. Malysheva, A. L. Tolstov, E. V. Gres
«Impact of Interfacial Interactions on the Formation of Nanoheterogeneous Structure in PolymerPolymer Blends»
547–558 (2017)

N. M. Rezanova, B. M. Savchenko, V. P. Plavan, V. Yu. Bulakh, N. V. Sova
«Regularities of Fabrication of Nanofilled Polymeric Materials with MatrixFibrillar Structure»
559–571 (2017)

A. A. Konchyts, B. D. Shanina, I. B. Yanchuk, S. V. Krasnovyd
«EPR Diagnostics of Hemostyptics Based on Polysaccharides»
573–586 (2017)

E. V. Lobko, Z. . Gagolkina, Yu. V. Yakovlev, . . Lysenkov, V. V. Klepko
«Erratum: The Influence of Synthesis Procedure on Electrical and Mechanical Properties of Netlike Polyurethane/Carbon Nanotubes Composites [Nanosistemi, Nanomateriali, Nanotehnologii, 15, No. 2: 345354 (2017)]»
587–588 (2017)

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