2018,   16,  4

Yu. O. Kruglyak
«Physics of Nanotransistors: a 2D Electrostatics of MetalOxideSemiconductor and Model of the Virtual Source»
0599–0631 (2018)

D. O. Shuliarenko, I. M. Pazukha, O. V. Pylypenko, and L. V. Odnodvorets
«StructuralPhase State and Electrophysical Properties of Thin-Film Systems Based on Permalloy and Silver»
0633–0644 (2018)

V. M. Kolomiets, S. M. Kravchenko, I. M. Kononenko, A. G. Ponomarev, V. A. Rebrov, and S. V. Kolinko
«Construction of X-Ray Optics Elements with a Proton-Beam Lithography»
0645–0655 (2018)

S. O. Vambol, I. T. Bogdanov, V. V. Vambol, Ya. O. Suchikova, and S. S. Kovachov
«Correlation between Technological Factors of Synthesis of por-GaP and Its Acquired Properties»
0657–0670 (2018)

A. O. Honcharenko, S. V. Chornobuk, O. Yu. Popov, and V. A. Makara
«Modelling of the Influence of Internal Stresses on the Cracking in Ceramic Materials of a Layer \(Al_2O_3-(Al_2O_3 + ZrO_2)\) System»
0671–0680 (2018)

N. A. Kurgan, L. I. Karbivska, V. L. Karbivskyy, and S. S. Smolyak
«Regularities of Formation of Electronic Structure of Nanodisperse Apatites of Calcium of Various Genealogy»
0681–0692 (2018)

Yu. M. Andriichuk, O. S. Liavynets, and Yu. B. Khalavka
«Influence of the Synthesis Temperature on the Growth and Optical Properties of the Cadmium Selenide Nanoparticles Synthesized Using the Cadmium Complex with 4-Aminobenzenesulfamide»
0693–0700 (2018)

I. B. Olenych, S. A. Sveleba, I. M. Kunyo, Yu. I. Olenych, and A. P. Luchechko
«Photoluminescence and Electret Properties of Porous Silicon/\([N(CH_3)_4]MeCl_4(Me=Zn, Cu)\) Hybrid Structures»
0701–0711 (2018)

B. Zaidi, S. Belghit, C. Shekhar, B. Hadjoudja, and B. Chouial
«Impact of Antireflective Coating on the Characteristics of a-Si:H Solar Cells»
0713–0718 (2018)

M. M. Nishchenko, M. Ya. Shevchenko, V. I. Patoka, I. Ye. Galstyan, Yu. F. Suska, and E. G. Len
«Kinetic Processes of Water-Molecules AdsorptionDesorption on Copper Surface under a High-Intensity Luminous Flux»
0719–0736 (2018)

M. A. Alieksandrov, T. M. Pinchuk-Rugal, O. P. Dmytrenko, M. P. Kulish, V. M. Popruzhko, Ye. P. Mamunya, and V. V. Strelchuk
«Electrical and Optical Properties of Polyethylene Composites with Multiwall Carbon Nanotubes and Dyes»
0737–0744 (2018)

D. . Nozdrenko, K. I. Bogutska, . Yu. rtemenko, N. Ye. Nurishchenko, and Yu. I. Prylutskyy
«Impact of Water-Soluble \(C_{60}\) Fullerenes on the Mechanokinetic Features of Formation of a Smooth Tetanic Contraction of Ischemic Skeletal Muscle of Rats»
0745–0755 (2018)

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