2021,   19,  3

O. V. Gradov, Yu. V. Zhulanov, P. Yu. Makaveev
«Optical Ultrastructural Virometry Using Optoelectronic Aerosol Counters and Laser Aerosol Spectrometers. Is It Possible to Pose the Problem Correctly? »
0487–0512 (2021)

O. K. Shuaibov, O. Y. Minya, A. O. Malinina, R. V. Hrytsak, O. M. Malinin, M. P. Chuchman, Z. T. Gomoki
«Characteristics and Parameters of Overvoltage Nanosecond Discharge Between an Electrode Made of Aluminium and an Electrode Made of Chalcopyrite in Nitrogen and Its Application for The Synthesis of Thin Films »
0513–0535 (2021)

I. I. Bondar, V. V. Suran, O. Y. Minya, O. K. Shuaibov, V. M. Krasylynets, A. M. Solomon
«Preparation of Films with Ordered Structure During Laser-Stimulated Evaporation of Water Solution of Copper Sulphate »
0537–0546 (2021)

T. S. Skoblo, S. P. Romaniuk, V. M. Romanchenko, E. L. Belkin, T. V. Maltsev, R. M. Muratov
«Hardening of Thin-Walled Knives by Nanostructured Coating and Their Operating Resistance »
0547–0558 (2021)

Ali Sadiq Alithari, Oday Khadem Mohammed
«Improving Wear Resistance for Grinding Balls of Horizontal Cement Mill in Cement Plant by Nanocoating Technique »
0559–0570 (2021)

Mohsin A. Aswad
«Measurement of the Fracture Toughness and Mechanical Properties of Hydroxyapatite Using Vickers Indentation Technique »
0571–0584 (2021)

J. Ady, S. F. Umroati, S. Meliana, S. D. A. Ariska, D. I. Rudyardjo
«Structural Characterization of the Metal-Compound Nanosize Tricalcium Phosphate Prepared by SolGel Method »
0585–0604 (2021)

P. Sagar, A. Handa
«Challenges and Solutions for Fabrication of Magnesium-Based Composites by Friction Stir Processing Technique »
0605–0628 (2021)

N. V. Sych, V. M. Vikarchuk, L. A. Kupchyk, A. S. Fedorishin, O. V. Kravchenko
«Advances in B(III) Removal by Adsorption on Nanoporous Carbon of Lignocellulosic Origin and Its Surface Modified Analogue »
0629–0638 (2021)

S. Ya. Brychka, N. P. Suprun, D. S. Leonov
«Graphene Carbon Nanomaterials Structural Properties »
0639–0646 (2021)

Ahmed Hashim
«Synthesis and Improving the Characteristics of Polymeric Blend Doped with Inorganic Nanoparticles for Optoelectronics Devices »
0647–0662 (2021)

Hussein Hakim Abed, Ahmed Hashim, Mudar Ahmed Abdulsattar, Hayder M. Abduljalil
«Analysis and Characteristics of Nanostructures for Biomedical Applications »
0663–0671 (2021)

Ammar Yahya, Hind Ahmed, Ahmed Hashim, Majeed Ali Habeeb, Aseel Hadi
«Development of Polymeric Blend/Yttrium Oxide Nanocomposites for Antibacterial Applications »
0673–0680 (2021)

Ahmed Hashim, Hind Ahmed, Ammar Yahya, Aseel Hadi, Majeed Ali Habeeb
«BiopolymersMetal Oxide Nanocomposites as Coating Materials for Biomedical Applications »
0681–0688 (2021)

Naheda Humood, Eman Hammod Abdullah, Shahid M. Abu Alais, Farhan Lafta Rashid, Aseel Hadi, Ahmed Hashim
«PolymerCoFe\(_2\)O\(_3\) Nanocomposites as Flexible Microwave-Radiation Absorbing and High Corrosion Resisting Coating Materials for Biological Applications »
0689–0695 (2021)

Ahmed Hashim, Eman Hammod Abdullah, Farhan Lafta Rashid, Aseel Hadi
«Gamma- and X-Rays Shielding of New Nanomaterials for Biomedical Applications »
0697–0705 (2021)

T. L. Malysheva, O. L. Tolstov
«OligomerPolymer Nanocomposites Based on Oligo(Urethane-Urea)s and Poly(Vinyl Chloride) »
0707–0720 (2021)

V. R. Petlovana, S. Kravchenko, P. . Boltovets
«The Influence of Zinc-Oxide Nanoparticles Solution on the Growth of the Chlamydomonas monadina in Culture »
0721–0728 (2021)

Anita Kongor, Bharat Makwana, Pooja R. Popat, Vinod K. Jain
«Low-Cost and Eco-Friendly Green Synthesis of Antibacterial Copper Oxide Nanoparticles »
0729–0736 (2021)

I Gusti Made Sanjaya, Iffah Karimah
«Differences in Physical-Chemical Character of Red and White Galangal (Alpinia galanga) Extract in Green Synthesis of Nanosilver »
0737–0750 (2021)

N. A. Kurgan, L. I. Karbovska, N. A. Zuyeva, S. I. Shulyma, V. L. Karbivskyy
«Effect of Gold Nanoparticles on the Integrity of the Viruses Protein Shell »
0751–0758 (2021)

D. M. Nozdrenko, K. I. Bogutska, I. V. Pampukha, Yu. I. Prylutskyy
«Development of Slow and Rapid Fatigue of Rat Skeletal Muscles at the Intramuscular Injection of Water-Soluble C\(_{60}\) Fullerenes »
0759–0766 (2021)

D. M. Nozdrenko, Wang Nan, O. P. Motuziuk, O. V. Vygovska, K. I. Bogutska, P. Yu. Drozd, Yu. I. Prylutskyy
«Application of Stimulatory Markers for the Analysis of C\(_{60}\)-Fullerene Therapeutic Effect on the Muscle Contraction Dynamics of Chronic Alcoholic Rats »
0767–0777 (2021)

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