About the Institute
G.V.Kurdyumov Institute for Metal Physics of the N.A.S. of Ukraine (hereinafter, Institute) was founded in 1945. It is one of the largest scientific centres of fundamental research in the field of metal physics in Ukraine and Europe

The scientists of the Institute carry out research on four basic scientific directions:

  • Electronic structure and properties of metals and metal-based compounds
  • Nanoscale and nanostructured systems
  • Atomic constitution of metals and metal-containing heterophase structures
  • Physics of strength and plasticity of metals and alloys

    The main task of the Institute is to carry out studying, within the above-mentioned directions of fundamental research on the atomic-molecular and electronic levels, the nature of structural changes and phase transformations appearing in the macrocrystalline and nanostructured metallic materials and alloys, surface layers and films, amorphous tapes, quasi-crystals, superconductors, fine-grained materials in the conditions of low and high temperatures, high pressure and vacuum, rapid heating and cooling, radiation and ultrasonic exposures, impact loadings, cyclic mechanical and thermal actions, intensive plastic deformations, corrosive environment, as well as revealing the interconnections of transformations with physical and mechanical properties.

    The main research objectives of the Institute are as follow:

    • Development of physical bases and searching for principally new means of creation of the metallic materials with a high level of physical and mechanical properties, which are able to operate in complicated thermal-force and radiation conditions
    • Development of the principally new facilities for modern engineering on the base of these materials
    • Updating of the existing technological regimes and pattern of fabrication of the metallic products and facilities on their base

    The Institute cooperates with the leading scientific centres and universities.

    The leading Ukrainian enterprises use the R&D base of the Institute, namely:

    • State Enterprise Antonov
    • Kryukov Rail Car Building Plant (Kremenchug)
    • Zaporizhzhya Atomic Power Station
    • Public Corporation Motor Sich
    • State Enterprise Zaporizhzhya Machine-Building Design Bureau Progress named after Academician A.G.Ivchenko
    • Melta Ltd

    G.V.Kurdyumov Institute for Metal Physics of the N.A.S. of Ukraine has at its disposal a large number of innovations for the production of new materials, processing technologies, diagnostics and fabrication of semi-manufactured and finished products for different branches of industry.

    Please, contact the group dealing with the transfer of technologies and innovations in case of corresponding questions or consulting services:

    Dr. Vira S. Filatova: +380 95 2808137, tchudo55@hotmail.com
    or academic secretary department: +380 44 4243110, metall@imp.kiev.ua