Young Scientists Council

There are about 80 young scientists working at the G. V. Kurdyumov Institute for Metal Physics N.A.S.U. at present time. Among them are scientists, post-graduate students, engineers and applicants with the age under 30 years, doctoral candidates and doctors of sciences with the age under 40 years.

The Institute closely cooperates with higher institutions of Kyiv (National Technical University of Ukraine `Kyiv Polytechnic Institute`, Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, National Aviation University, etc.) and Ukraine to attract young people to scientific activity directly after their graduation of the universities.

The high professional level of the young scientists of the Institute is confirmed, firstly, by a number of publications in leading foreign and home journals on physics of a solid, metal physics and allied sciences, as well as by a number of Grants, Scholarships and Prizes, with which the young scientists of the Institute have been awarded. At present, there are 6 Presidential Scholarship holders and 3 scholarship holders of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. The young specialists also participate in different home and international grants, such as projects of STCU, INTAS, NATO, etc. Many of them have been trained in well-known international scientific centres, deliver scientific reports at the conferences.

There is a Young Scientist Council at the Institute. Its staff consists of a chairman, deputy chairman, secretary and 7 members, who represent different departments of the Institute. Young Scientist Council functions according to the Regulations. The chairman of the Council is a member of the Academic Council of the Institute, where he represents the interests of young scientists.

The history of the Young Scientist Council goes back as far as Soviet past. It`s a pity, but for some time, during a crisis in home science, the Council didn`t function. The Council was reorganized in 2001, because of intensive wave of youth in the early 2000s.