2018,  vol 16, issue 2

Issue DOI: https://doi.org/10.15407/nnn.16.02

Yu. O. Kruglyak
«Physics of Nanotransistors: the Device, the Metrics, and Control of the Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor Field-Effect Transistor»
201–232 (2018)

Yu. O. Kruglyak
«Physics of Nanotransistors: the Theory of the Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor Field-Effect Transistor in a Traditional Posing, the Principles of Model of a Virtual Source, and Approximation of an Exhaustion»
233–270 (2018)

F. N. Bukhanko and A. F. Bukhanko
«Low-Energy Magnetic Excitations of the Spin and Superconducting Quantum Liquids in \(SmMnO_{3+\delta}\) Induced by Temperature Rise»
271–288 (2018)

Md. Abdullah-Al-Shafi
«A Study on 2D 2-Dot 1-Electron QCA Based Full Adder and Ripple Carry Adder Design»
289–301 (2018)

B. K. Ostafiychuk, I. M. Budzulyak, A. I. Kachmar, O. H. Tadeush, B. I. Rachiy, R. P. Lisovsky, R. I. Merena, and M. V. Berkeshchuk
«Effect of Thermochemical Modification of Activated Carbon Materials on Specific Capacity of Electrochemical Capacitors»
303–312 (2018)

P. O. Lishchuk, R. M. Burbelo, and M. V. Isaiev
«Features of Thermal Transport in Composite Systems Based on Silicon Nanowires»
313–321 (2018)

K. V. Dubyk, R. M. Burbelo, M. V. Isaiev, and A. G. Kuzmich
«Formation of Laser-Ultrasound Response in Composite Systems Based on Silicon Nanowires»
323–331 (2018)

Yu. E. Grabovskiy, M. A. Zabolotnyy, L. I. Aslamova, A. L. Maystrenko, and V. G. Kulich
«X-Ray Structural Analysis of Protective Elements with SiC»
333–345 (2018)

L. S. Dziubenko, O. O. Sapianenko, P. P. Gorbyk, N. M. Rezanova, V. P. Plavan, O. A. Viltsanyuk, and R. A. Lutkovskyi
«The Polypropylene Surgical Suture Material Modified with Nanodispersed Addition of Silver/Silica»
347–362 (2018)

N. V. Sych, S. I. Trofymenko, M. M. Tsyba, and V. V. Vikarchuk
«Optimization of Pore-Metric Characteristics and Sorption Ability of Nanoporous Coal Aquacarb»
363–372 (2018)

O. M. Molchanov, T. V. Pichka, O. A. Kamchatnyi, and V. V. Nevdacha
«Methane Desorption Features of Fossil Coal Nanostructured Material»
373–387 (2018)

E. L. Pavlenko, V. A. Sendiuk, V. A. Brusentsov, O. P. Dmytrenko, M. P. Kulish, N. V. Obernihina, Y. O. Prostota, O. D. Kachkovsky, and V. S. Brovarets
«Quantum-Chemical Study of Acceptor Properties of Fullerene and Its Bridge Derivatives»
389–401 (2018)

K. O. Sodeinde, E. O. Dare, A. A. Lasisi, O. S. Ayanda, S. M. Nelana, E. B. Naidoo, O. S. Lawal1, and N. Revaprasadu
«Highly Sensitive Colorimetric Sensing of Mercury (II) Ions by Green Synthesized Gold Nanoparticles»
403–412 (2018)

T. I. Borodinova, V. I. Styopkin, A. A. Vasko, V. E. Kutsenko*, and O. A. Marchenko
«Growth of Gold Nanoprisms on Freshly Cleaved Mica Surface»
413–424 (2018)

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