Issues  2016,  vol 14, issue 4

S. I. Pokutnyi, P. P. Gorbyk, W. Salejda, D. Persano Adorno, O. K. Khasanov, and O. M. Fedotova
«New Quasi-Atomic Nanoheterostructures: Superatoms and Excitonic Quasi-Molecules»
493–501 (2016)

M. Yu. Diakov, M. F. Prodanov, S. I. Bogatyrenko, and V. V. Vashchenko
«Derivatives of Selenophene as New Precursors for Semi-Conductor Microparticles of CdSe and dSeS»
503–511 (2016)

S. G. Stepanian, O. Yu. Ivanov, L. Adamowicz, and V. O. Karachevtsev
«Influence of Oxygen-Containing Groups on Vibrational Spectra of Oxide of Graphene»
513–526 (2016)

B. M. Gorelov, A. M. Gorb, O. I. Polovina, A. B. Nadtochiy, D. L. Starokadomskiy, S. V. Shulga, and V. M. Ogenko
«Impact of Few-Layered Graphene Plates on Structure and Properties of an Epoxy Resin»
527–537 (2016)

Yu. P. Mazur, R. V. Ostapenko, and M. P. Semenko
«Influence of the Various-Type Deformations on the Electrical Resistance of High-Entropy CrMnFeCoNi Alloy»
539–551 (2016)

Yu. Beygelzimer, R. Kulagin, and O. Davydenko
«Vortex Formation Under Twist Extrusion»
553–560 (2016)

O. V. Dudnik, S. N. Lakiza, V. V. Tsukrenko, Ya. S. Tishchenko, A. K. Ruban, and V. P. Redko
«Nanocrystalline Oxide Powders for Microstructural Design of Materials»
561–575 (2016)

O. M. Bevza, S. B. Sydorenko, and A. V. Mumladze
«Deposition of the Two-Component Composition Containing a Magnetic Material by Magnetron Sputtering System»
577–589 (2016)

shunting the magnetic field lines, magnetron sputtering system, erosion zone, aluminide
«Formation of the Nanosize Structures on the Steel Surface When It Is Activated by Acids and Contacted with Radionuclide Solutions»
591–608 (2016)

A. V. Panko, O. A. Tsyganovich, I. G. Kovzun, V. A. Prokopenko, V. O. Olejnik, and O. M. Nikipelova
«Modelling of Nanostructural Processes in Ore Materials and Peloids»
609–626 (2016)

A. V. Panko, I. G. Kovzun, V. A. Prokopenko, O. A. Tsyganovich, V. O. Olejnik, E. V. Ablets, and O. M. Nikipelova
«Nanostructures in the Nanochemical and Microbiological Processes of Transformations and Separation of Iron-Oxide-Silicate Ore Materials (IOSOM)»
627–641 (2016)

V. V. Turov, T. V. Krupska, A. P. Golovan, L. S. Andriyko, M. D. Tsapko, G. V. Ostrovska, O. A. Kalmykova, and M. T. Kartel
«Influence of Silica on Hydratability of the Grinded Flowers of a Hibiscus Sabdariffa in Neutral and Acidic Mediums»
643–660 (2016)

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