2018,   16,  3

O. I. Soshko, V. O. Soshko, and I. P. Siminchenko
«MechanicalPlasma Treatment of Metal»
0425–0450 (2018)

A. V. Korotun, Ya. V. Karandas, A. V. Babich, and I. M. Titov
«Oscillations of Fermi Energy of a Cylindrical Metal Nanoshell»
0451–0463 (2018)

Yu. O. Kruglyak
«Physics of Nanotransistors: a Gate Voltage and Surface Potential, Mobile Electron Charge in Massive Structure of the Metal-Oxide Semiconductor and in Extremely Thin Silicon on Insulator»
0465–0507 (2018)

R. S. dtv, . S. Alkprv, and . E. Nbiyv
«Influence of Impurity Nd Atoms on the Photoluminescence Spectrum of a Layered Single Crystals \(Ge_{0.995}Nd_{0.005}S\)»
0509–0518 (2018)

H. A. Ilchuk, R. Yu. Petrus, A. I. Kashuba, I. V. Semkiv, and Eh. O. Zmiiovska
«Optical-Energy Properties of the Bulk and Thin-Film Cadmium Telluride (CdTe)»
0519–0533 (2018)

L. V. Dubrovina, E. V. Makarova, T. N. Dymytriuk, T. V. Krupskaya, V. V. Turov, and V. V. Goncharuk
«Disperse Water-Containing Composites Based on Hydrophobic Pyrogenic Silica with Bentonite»
0535–0546 (2018)

L. Matkovska, M. Iurzhenko, V. Demchenko, and Ye. Mamunya
«Structure and Thermophysical Properties of Polymer Composites Based on Oligomers of Various Molecular Weight»
0547–0558 (2018)

N. A. Gurbanov, I. I. Abbasov, K. H. Ismayilova, and N. A. Hasanova
«Production of Polypropylene Matrix Polymer Composites with Hazelnut Shell Fillings, Physical and Mechanical Properties»
0559–0565 (2018)

R. Thyagarajan, S. Pradeep Kumar, V. Ramesh Kumar, and G. Narendrakumar
«Synthesis of Fe Nanoparticles Using Biological and Chemical Methods and Its Application»
0567–0584 (2018)

D. . Nozdrenko, S. Yu. Zay, . P. Motuziuk, K. I. Bogutska, A. V. Ilchenko, and Yu. I. Prylutskyy
«Influence of C60 Fullerenes on the Mechanokinetic and Biochemical Parameters of Muscle Soleus Contraction in Chronically Alcoholised Rats with Experimentally-Induced Ischemia»
0585–0597 (2018)

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