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L. S. Kryvchyk, T. S. Khokhlova, V. L. Pinchuk, L. M. Deineko, and V. O. Stolbovyi
Strengthening of the Pipe-Pressing Tool for Production of Corrosion-Resistant Pipes by Drawing Wear-Resistant Nanocoverings
0693–0714 (2022)

PACS numbers: 61.05.cp, 61.72.Ff, 62.20.Qp, 81.15.-z, 81.40.Ef, 81.65.Kn, 81.65.Lp

In the production of pipes made of corrosion-resistant steels on pipe rolling plants, the current problem is the low stability of the pipe tool. Therefore, the creation of high-performance and durable tools is associated primarily with the production and processing of materials that could withstand harsh working conditions. The technology of heat hardening of a pipe tool (matrix rings of complex matrices) for pressing of corrosion-resistant pipes on horizontal pipe-profile presses made of steels Õ40CrMoV5-1-1 and 30WCrV17-2 is offered, which provides carrying out, after hardening with tempering of combined processing, wear-resistant single- and multilayer nanocoatings at the ‘Bulat-6’ installation of the plasma technology laboratory of NSC ‘KhIPT’. As a result of the proposed technology, strength, wear resistance, and hardness increase (the value of microhardness on the surface of the nanocoating is of 23000–25000 MPa). A wide range of studies of the structure of the base metal and coating and industrial testing of the tool are carried out. As shown, the combined treatment of matrix rings after heat hardening of the tool (ion nitriding in the plasma of two-stage vacuum-arc discharge with simultaneous application of wear-resistant coatings) increases significantly the performance of the tool and its service life, as well as its surface quality, which significantly increases the quality of the inner surface of corrosion-resistant pipes.

Key words: pressing, tool, hardness, alloying, coating, matrix ring, nitriding, vacuum-arc coatings, nanostructure, microhardness.

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