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Issue 3


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A. S. Dolgov
«Impurity Configurations on a Square Lattice»
543–556 (2019)

PACS numbers: 05.20.Dd, 05.50.+q, 61.46.Bc, 68.43.De, 68.43.Fg, 68.43.Jk

The kinetics of the migration of interacting atoms of a monoatomic layer is considered. Relations establishing the relationships between the probabilities or all possible atomic configurations within the monolayer are introduced. Within the assumption of both the macroscopic homogeneity of filling the layer and the thermodynamic equilibrium, general rules for determining the probabilities of the occurrence of certain locations on the surface are written. As a special case, the weak correlation in the motion of various atoms is considered. The regularities of formation of bunches composed of a small number of atoms are studied. In the case of attraction between atoms at a low level of average density, isolated atoms predominate and, when the degree of filling increases, they give way towards bunches, whose number begins to decrease with further compaction. A variant of compact formations of four atoms is separately discussed. The tendency to prioritize the densest mutual arrangement of atoms in a bunch is revealed. However, at elevated levels of density, the displacement of compact small clumps is more pronounced than that of elongated ones.

Keywords: monolayer, kinetics, bunch, configuration probabilities

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