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V. M. Burdeinyy and V. Kh. Kasiyanenko
«Application of a Method of Conformal Mappings to Examination of an Electronic Spectrum of Vicinal Surfaces»
001–023 (2019)

PACS numbers: 02.30.-f, 68.35.B-, 68.35.Md, 68.49.Jk, 68.65.Cd, 73.20.At, 73.21.Cd

Conformal mapping method is proposed to study electron spectrum of vicinal surfaces formed by periodically ordered arrays of terraces. The Jacobian for the double conformal mapping of system unit cell into the cell with the canonical form is determined. The wave function, dispersion equation and its solutions in the main approximation relative to the small observed values of displacement angle are found.

Keywords: vicinal surface, conformal mapping, Bragg reflection, wave equation, energy spectrum

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