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Ю. В. Мильман, Н. З. Галунов, С. И. Чугунова, И. В. Лазарев, Б. В. Истомин, О. И. Запорожец, И. В. Гончарова
«Изучение механических свойств кристаллических молекулярных сцинтилляторов n-терфенила методами индентирования»
0461–0476 (2016)

PACS numbers: 62.20.D-, 62.20.Hg, 62.20.mm, 62.20.Qp, 62.25.Mn, 81.40.Jj, 81.40.Lm

Organic mono- and polycrystalline n-terphenyl are studied. The classic methods of investigation of mechanical properties of these crystals are uninformative due to brittle fracture. Therefore, indentation method is used to determine the mechanical properties, hardness, and Young's modulus. The Young's modulus is also determined by ultrasonic method. The stress–strain curves are plotted, and creep is studied by indentation. The anisotropy of microhardness of a single crystal is investigated using the Knoop indenter. The specific features of the mechanical behaviour of n-terphenyl and their correlation with the values of the light output of polycrystals are described.

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