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Ю. В. Таранец, О. Н. Безкровная, И. М. Притула, П. В. Матейченко, Д. С. Софронов, В. К. Клочков
«Влияние L-аспарагиновой кислоты на кристаллизацию оксалата кальция моногидрата»
0445–0459 (2016)

PACS numbers: 61.05.cp, 68.37.Hk, 81.07.Вс, 81.10.Dn, 87.64.Ee, 87.85.J-, 87.85.Rs

The influence of the molar ratio of the concentrations of calcium and oxalate ions on the morphology of calcium oxalate monohydrate (COM) crystals, the main components of pathogenic minerals constituting human kidney stones, is considered. The effect of the L-aspartic acid (L-asp) admixture of varying concentrations on the morphology and size of the obtained COM crystals is studied. As established, the addition of L-asp inhibits the growth of the COM crystals and reduces their size. The probability of dendrite formation is reduced in the solutions with the concentrations [Ca2?]???4 mM and [C2O42–]???0.2 mM by adding L-asp; and isolated crystals are formed at the L-asp concentration of 8–20 mM. At the concentrations [Ca2?]???4 mM and [C2O42–]???4 mM, aggregates of isolated crystals are formed even at high concentration of L-asp (20 mM) that testifies to a lower extent of inhibition.

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