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В. А. Артемюк, Л. І. Карбівська, Л. П. Клюєнко, В. Л. Карбівський
«Синтеза та властивості моно- та багатошарових плівок Ni при їх термічному одержанні»
0375–0385 (2016)

PACS numbers: 68.37.Ef, 68.35.B-, 68.35.Ct, 68.55.jd, 81.15.Ef, 81.16.Dn, 81.16.Rf

The formation mechanism of nanorelief of nickel at Si(111) during thermal evaporation in a vacuum is investigated. Several stages of nanorelief transformation during deposition are revealed. As found, the nanoassemblies have a shape similar to spherical one and form clusters consisting of approximately 5–10 nickel nanoparticles. Obtained monolayer nickel structures can be described within the framework of the electronic growth model. For studied surfaces, the roughness parameters, Ra, Rq, Rzjis, Rz, Sratio, are established as their dependences on deposition parameters (1, 3, 5 seconds of deposition time, annealing temperature). In contrast to 1 s deposition, when a deposition of nickel submonolayer at Si(111) surface occurs, for 3 s and 5 s, it is shown an increase in the overall size of clusters maintaining the growth trends in the maximum difference between cavities and surface asperities. Rather strong interaction of nickel monolayer with substrate is established. After surface annealing, at considerable high temperature, the nickel desorption and the formation of a small amount of intermediate phase of NiSi2 are observed.

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