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О. М. Хемій, І. М. Будзуляк, Л. С. Яблонь, Д. І. Попович, О. В. Морушко
«Гібридні конденсатори на основі композитів гідроксиду ніклю, триоксиду молібдену та активованого вуглецю»
147–155 (2016)

PACS numbers: 81.05.Rm, 81.05.U-, 81.16.-c, 81.40.Wx, 82.45.Yz, 82.47.Uv, 84.32.Tt

In a given paper, processes of functioning hybrid capacitor, in which positive electrodes are composites Ni(OH)2???С and Ni(OH)2???MoO3???С formed by mechanochemical mixing the relevant components in the ratio of 70:30 and 70:15:15, respectively, and a negative electrode is nanoporous carbon, are studied before and after laser irradiation. The possibility of their joint functioning is shown. The highest specific characteristics are established for a couple of [laser (Ni(OH)2????MoO3???C)]–[C] at a current of 10 mA. AS revealed, the Coulomb efficiency saturates during the first 100 cycles up to 75% for the hybrid system [(Ni(OH)2???C)]–[C], and 94% for the system [laser (Ni(OH)2???MoO3???C)]–[C]. For low frequencies, inclination angle of Warburg of line for hybrid systems [laser (Ni(OH)2???C)]–[C] and [laser (Ni(OH)2???MoO3???C)]–[C] is reduced compared to the system [Ni(OH)2]–[C], indicating the presence of fast reversible redox reactions.

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