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A. P. Kirilyuk
«Complex-Dynamical Nanobiotechnology Paradigm and Intrinsically Creative Evolution»
001–026 (2016)

PACS numbers: 03.67.-a, 05.45.-a, 05.65.+b, 45.50.Jf, 87.85.Qr, 89.75.-k, 98.80.Bp

Complex nanosystem dynamics is analysed by the unreduced solution of arbitrary many-body interaction problem, leading to the fundamental dynamic multivaluedness and universal definition of dynamic complexity in terms of the number of system realisations. As shown, the genuine quantum and classical chaos can only be strong for a free-interaction nanoscale system providing exponentially huge, ‘magic’ efficiency of such unreduced interaction dynamics, which underlies the properties of life, intelligence, and consciousness. Various more or less chaotic regimes of irreducibly complex nanosystem dynamics as well as the rigorously specified transitions between them are reviewed. The obtained unified formalism for description of the unreduced complex nanosystem dynamics is based on the universal symmetry (conservation and transformation) of complexity unifying the extended versions of all usual laws and principles. The main principles of thus obtained new, complex-dynamical nanobiotechnology paradigm are summarised, and as shown, it is the only viable way of further sustainable nanotechnology and society development in the spirit of coevolution of the natural and artificial system complexity.

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