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« AuTiBxn-GaN»
449–457 (2015)

PACS numbers: 71.55.Ak, 73.30.+y, 73.61.Jc, 85.30.Hi, 85.30.Kk, 85.40.Ls, 85.40.Xx

The influence of gallium nitride epitaxial-film structure imperfection with donor concentration of ??4?1017 cm?3 on the charge-transport mechanisms in barrier contacts based on AuTiBxn-GaN on a monocrystalline substrate of Al2O3 are investigated. The temperature dependence of the voltagecurrent characteristic at 80600 K is studied. In the temperature regions of 80340 K and 420600 K, the tunnelling mechanism of current transport and thermoelectronic one, respectively, are dominant. In the temperature region of 340420 K, both current-transport mechanisms are presented on different parts of currentvoltage characteristic. The tunnelling current-transport mechanism may be associated with shunt dislocations, which intersect the spatial charge region. The dislocation density is evaluated on the basis of this assumption and is in a good agreement with the results of X-ray diffraction studies.

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