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Д. В. Щур, С. Ю. Загинайченко, Ю. М. Шульга, А. Ю. Коваль, А. В. Котко, М. А. Полищук
«Изучение особенностей процесса высаливания фуллерита из раствора С60 в толуоле. I. Ламинарное смешивание реагентов»
815–832 (2013)

PACS numbers: 47.61.-k, 61.48.-c, 68.55.ap, 81.05.ub, 81.16.-c, 83.50.Xa, 83.60.-a

The features of the salting-out process of fullerene C60 molecules from the saturated toluene solution are discussed. The morphology of formed crystals of fullerite is studied with the use of the transmission and scanning electron microscopies. Our experimental study reveals that, at the salting out of a dilute solution of fullerenes, the excess molecules of solvent are salting out initially, and after the formation of a saturated solution, the fullerene molecules move into the sediment. Thus, in the saturated solution of fullerenes in toluene, the free molecules of solvent are absent. The performance of the salting-out process from the saturated solution of the C60 fullerenes in toluene (due to the diffusion processes of interaction flow between ethanol and toluene) leads to the fabrication of an azeotropic alcohol–toluene mixture and to the formation of crystallites.

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