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Ю. А. Кругляк
«Обобщённая модель электронного транспорта Ландауэра–Датты–Лундстрома »
519–549 (2013)

PACS numbers: 71.15.Mb, 72.10.Bg, 73.22.Dj, 73.23.Ad, 73.63.-b, 84.32.Ff, 85.35.-p

General issues of electronic conductivity and the causes of the current flow, role of electrochemical potentials, Fermi functions, and Fermi window for conduction, elastic-resistor model, different electron-transport regimes, conductivity modes, and transmission coefficient are discussed within the scope of the ‘bottom–up’ approach of modern nanoelectronics. Generalized model of electron transport in the linear-response regime developed by R. Landauer, S. Datta, and M. Lundstrom with application to the resistors of any dimension, any size scale, and arbitrary dispersion operating in ballistic, quasi-ballistic or diffusion regime is summarized.

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