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«Գ- Al87Dy5(Ni/Fe)8»
313–321 (2013)

PACS numbers: 61.43.Dq, 64.70.Nd, 81.40.Rs, 81.65.Kn, 81.70.Pg, 82.45.Bb, 82.45.Yz

Properties of the Al87Dy5Ni8 and Al87Dy5Fe8 amorphous metallic alloys (AMA) are studied by different physical and chemical methods. As shown, the substitution of Ni for Fe results in the increase of phase-transition temperature of the Al87Dy5Fe8 amorphous alloy in comparison with the Al87Dy5Ni8 alloy. Introduction of Fe into the alloy increases the stability of an electrical resistance in a wide temperature range of ?T???300?. Annealing of the Al87Dy5Ni8 A to 607 and of the Al87Dy5Fe8 A to 641 leads to high corrosive stability within the solutions of wide ranges.

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