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S. E. Bogdanov, G. Beddies, M. Daniel and Yu. N. Makogon
«Diffusion Processes in Ti–Si Systems during Silicide Formation»
295–302 (2013)

PACS numbers: 66.30.Pa, 68.55.-a, 73.61.At, 81.15.Cd, 81.15.Jj, 81.40.Rs, 85.40.-e

Two methods of creation of the TiSi2(C54) stable phase are reviewed, and their comparison is considered. The formation of the structure of TiSi2(C54) nanosize films on monocrystalline Si is studied. As shown, the TiSi2(C54) formation is carried out faster (??55 s) by low-energy thermion deposition (LETD) of Ti on mono-Si than by magnetron sputtering with post-annealing of 150 s and more. As noted, the electrical-resistivity value for TiSi2(C54) nanosize film deposited by LETD is equal to ?v???13.5 ???cm, and with magnetron sputtering, it is equal to ?v???24 ???cm. A phenomenological model for titanium disilicide formation on mono-Si by low-energy thermion deposition of titanium is proposed.

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