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В. А. Боголепов, А. Ф. Савенко, А. Д. Золотаренко, Д. В. Щур, С. Ю. Загинайченко, Н. А. Швачко, В. В. Скороход
«Использование накопителей и компрессоров водорода для исследования водородоёмкости нанодисперсных материалов»
0797–0803 (2012)

PACS numbers: 07.30.Kf, 07.35.+k, 64.75.Bc, 81.05.Je, 81.07.Wx, 88.30.gg, 88.30.rd

In nanomaterials, the ratio of material surface area to its volume is essential. The small amounts of electronegative impurities presented in hydrogen and then adsorbed on the particles surface significantly affect the kinetics of metal–H reactions. To obtain correct results in the performed studies, the particular attention is paid to the hydrogen purity, which should be not less than 99.99 at.%. Hydrogen can have such a degree of purity, if it is passed through the palladium membrane or desorbed from the crystal lattice of a metal. In a given paper, consideration is concerned with the feasibility of metal hydride accumulators as sources of high-pure hydrogen for fuel cells, hydrogen torches and units for hydrogen storage under high pressure. The autonomy and portability of the developed hydrogen accumulators and compressors, their high reliability in the work as well as the possibility of their usage in the most rigorous conditions of environment are demonstrated.

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