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Д. В. Великодний, К. В. Тищенко, І. Ю. Проценко
«Особливості тензорезистивних властивостей тонких металевих плівок при пружній і пластичній деформації »
617–624 (2011)

PACS numbers: 62.23.Kn, 68.55.jd, 68.60.Bs, 68.65.Ac, 73.50.Lw, 73.61.At, 81.15.Ef

The results of experimental studies of tensoresistive effect in single-layer films and two- and three-layer film systems based on Cr and Cu or Fe and Pd and Gd in intervals of two-deformation occurrence, ???1???0–1% і ???2???0–2%, are presented. The dependence of the limit of transition from elastic-to-plastic deformation in the studied films on thickness and concentration of components in the multilayer film systems is analysed. As revealed, the plastic deformation in one of the film-system layers can cause similar deformation in the entire film system, even if, for other components, the strain range does not reach the limit of the elastic–plastic deformation transition.

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