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Е. В. Коробко, А. П. Достанко*, А. О. Коробко*, В. П. Ройзман**, З. А. Новикова, Н. А. Журавский, А. И. Глоба***
«Электроструктурирующиеся дисперсии наноразмерных наполнителей для создания адаптивных композитов»
569–581 (2011)

PACS numbers: 47.61.-k, 62.23.Pq, 81.20.Fw, 82.70.Gg, 83.60.Np, 83.80.Gv, 83.80.Hj

Results of investigations of rheological properties of disper-sions based on the nanosize particles of titanium dioxide, a hybrid titanium dioxide–carboxy¬methylcellulose material, and hydrated iron oxide synthesized by sol–gel method in the electrical field are presented. Flow curves of the dispersions in a range of the electric field strength up to 3 kV/mm are determined. The optimal filler is chosen and is a base of the high-concentrated electrorheological fluid prepared for using in electrostatic fixing devices. The fluid demonstrates the values about 60 kPa for specific fixing force of fastening of a part surface.

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