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Н. И. Остапенко, Ю. В. Остапенко, Е. К. Фролова, Д. Пе-кус*, В. Гульбинас, А. М. Еременко**, Н. П. Смирнова, Н. И. Суровцева
«Спектроскопия плёнок нанокомпозитов полисиланы/пористые оксиды кремния и титана »
555–567 (2011)

PACS numbers: 78.40.Me, 78.55.Kz, 78.66.Qn, 78.66.Sq, 78.67.Rb, 81.05.Rm, 81.07.Pr

An experimental technique for fabrication of thin films of Si–organic polymer poly(di-n-hexylsilane) (PDHS) embedded into SiO2 and TiO2 porous matrix is developed. Fabrication condi-tions, such as polymer concentration in solution used for ad-sorption, and type of porous films are optimized. Refractive indexes of neat porous films and nanocomposites are measured. Investigation of absorption, photoluminescence and lumines-cence excitation spectra is performed in a wide temperature range of 15–330 K. Comparison of spectral properties of PDHS/SiO2, PDHS/TiO2 and PDHS/SBA-15 investigated earlier al-lows to make conclusions about localization and conformation of polymer chains within the pores. An intense aggregate pho-toluminescence at room temperature is specific feature of new-ly fabricated composites. Photoluminescence of PDHS/TiO2 com-posites is much lower than that of PDHS/SiO2 composites, which are attributed to the exciton dissociation at the polymer–TiO2 interface.

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