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Л. А. Лиманская, A. В. Юдинцев, O. К. Куценко, В. M. Трусова, Г. П. Горбенко, С. Калоянова*, Т. Делигеоргиев*, Н. Лесев*, А. Васильев*
«Мультифункциональные липосомальные наносистемы для доставки новых противоопухолевых лекарственных препаратов на основе хелатов европия.»
767–774 (2010)

PACS numbers: 81.16.Be, 87.19.xj, 87.64.kv, 87.85.jj, 87.85.Qr, 87.85.Rs, 87.85.St

Recently high cytotoxic activity of new antitumor drugs—europium coordination complexes (EC)—has been demonstrated. However, application of such drugs in free form is limited by their high toxicity and metabolic instability. One way of in-creasing of drug efficiency is based on application of differ-ent systems for their delivery, for example, liposomes. The aim of the present work consisted in evaluating the efficiency of EC incorporation into the lipid phase as well as in explor-ing the possibility of creation of multifunctional nanocarri-ers, which would include both the drug and the visualizing agent. New squaraine probes SQ-1, SQ-2, SQ-3, and cyanine probe V2 are used as the visualizing agents. Using pyrene fluo-rescence-quenching technique, the partition coefficients of europium chelates within the water and lipid phases are deter-mined.

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