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«Nanostructure Templates Based on Polymer Semiconductors »
0403–0410 (2009)

PACS numbers: 42.40.Ht, 42.70.Jk, 42.70.Ln, 42.70.Nq, 68.35.B-, 68.55.-a, 81.16.Nd

Template application is one of the most effective ways in fabrication of modern functional nano- and microstructured materials. A possibility to use electrographic process for production of planar templates with an artificial topography is shown. Use of polymeric semiconductors (PSC) in such a process makes possible cyclic production of a geometrical relief with modulated electrostatic charge on a surface of template in real time. It allows optimizing fabrication parameters of templates with various structures. The properties of a new type of PSC optical memory based on polyepoxipropilcarbazole are analyzed. Based on such an effect, templates with various relief and field topologies are fabricated. The investigation of surface-potential relaxation and development of geometrical relief on PSC free surface shows that, in PSC at temperatures slightly lower than geometrical-relief formation temperatures, photosensitive thermostimulated heterocharge (ТSHC) is formed. Its value is proportional to an initial charge. The surface potential relaxation depends on size and sign of the electric charge generated in PSC bulk and has three characteristic sections. Values of optimal temperature and formation time of ТSHC are found. As revealed at fabrication of polymer template with use of ТSHC, the band of transmitted frequencies coincides with that for usual method of optical holograms registration; parasitic bands are absent. Presence of ТSHC in template bulk promotes local deposition of metal on its surface. Practical realization of this effect makes possible to fabricate the complex-topology templates using holographic lithograph methods in real time.

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