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«Ilnitskiy Beidellite Dispersiveness Increase Using Chemical Modification»
433–441 (2008)

PACS numbers: 61.25.Hq, 66.20.+d, 81.65.Ps, 81.70.Pg, 82.70.Kj, 83.80.Hj, 83.85.Jn

At use of the nanodimension systems of clay minerals in industry (fabrication of effective adsorbents, quality drill fluids, manufacture of iron-ore pellets), maximal dispersion of a mineral is necessary to obtain maximal effect at the minimal content of a solid phase. Chemical modifying by cation substitution of a natural exchange complex of a clay mineral with an ion of sodium leads to the reduction of a size of the particles, i.e. the increase of colloid-chemical properties of nanodispersive systems. In a given article, we studied the influence of cation substitution of the clay mineral exchange complex on a processes of dispersion and, hence, on change of swelling processes, rheological characteristics of aqueous nanodispersive systems and technological parameters of drill fluids. In these studies, clay mineral from Ilnytske deposit (Trans-Carpathian Region, Ukraine) is used.

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