Directorate  (Staff)


(04) Department of Theory of Imperfect Crystals
(06) Department of Solid State Theory
      (07) Laboratory of Synchrotron Research Methods (Affiliated to Dept. No.06)
(09) Department of Superconductivity
(12) Department of Superconducting Electronics
      (13) Joint Research Laboratory for Dynamics of Electronic Processes in Hybrid Structures (Affiliated to Dept. No.12)
(20) Department of Solid-State Spectroscopy
      (46) Laboratory for Elemental Analysis (Affiliated to Dept. No.20)
(22) Department of Nanostructures Physics
(23) Joint Educational-and-Scientific Laboratory of Magnetic Films` Physics of The G.V. Kurdyumov Institute for Metal Physics N.A.S. of Ukraine and State University Precarpathian National University Named After Vasyl Stefanyk Ministry of Education and Science
(24) Department of Computational Physics
(26) Department of Crystallization
      (25) Laboratory of Constitution of Liquid and Amorphous Metals (Affiliated to Dept. No.26)
(28) Department of Atomic Structure and Surface Dynamics
(30) Department of Electronic Structure and Electronic Properties
(40) Department of Physics of the Rapid Heat-Hardening Treatment of Alloys
      (41) Laboratory of Heat Treatment of Steels and Titanium Alloys (Affiliated to Dept. No.40)
(44) Department of Physical Principles for Alloying of Steels and Alloys
(47) Department of Phase Equilibria
      (45) Laboratory for Thermomechanical Treatment of Metals and Alloys (Affiliated to Dept. No.47)
(48) Department of Physics of Strength and Fracture
      (58) Laboratory of Physics of Deformation Processes (Affiliated to Dept. No.48)
(51) Department of Diffusion Processes
(52) Department of Physics of Non-Stationary Mass Transfer
(53) Department of Acoustics of Solids
(54) Department of Snduced Martensitic Transformations
(55) Department of Constitution and Properties of Solid Solutions
(57) Department of Phase Transformations
(60) Department of Physics of Strength and Ductility of Inhomogeneous Alloys
      (43) Laboratory of Electron Microscopy (Affiliated to Dept. No. 60)

Department of Physical-and-Technological Problems of Nanoscale Systems (MPhTI)

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