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M. V. Abramov, S. P. Turansĺka, P. P. Gorbyk
«Optimization by Specific Surface Area of Nanoarchitecture of Magnetosensitive Nanocomposites Such as Superparamagnetic CoreľMultilevel Shell for Use in Oncology»
505–528 (2020)

PACS numbers: 61.46.Bc, 75.20.-g, 75.60.-d, 83.80.Gv, 87.19.xj, 87.64.Ee, 87.85.Qr

The aim of the work is specific surface area optimization of nanoarchitecture of magnetosensitive nanocomposites (NC) of superparamagnetic coreľmultilevel shell type for application in oncology. The calculation technique is proposed and tested, and its examination is carried out by experimental studies. Ensembles of Fe\(_3\)O\(_4\) nanoparticles, Fe\(_3\)O\(_4\)@CP and Fe\(_3\)O\(_4\)@CP/Ol.Na/PEG nanocomposites are used for investigations, where CP is an antitumor chemotherapeutical drug cisplatin based on cis-diamminedichloroplatinum, Ol.NaŚsodium oleate, PEGŚpolyethylene glycol, as well as magnetic fluids (MF) filled with the said nanostructures based on water or physiological solution (PS). Realization conditions and formulas for determination of maximal specific surface area of ensembles of NC with single- and bilayer shells are analysed. Scientific and methodological approaches of the work are applicable to NC based on superparamagnetic cores containing other chemotherapeutical drugs in the shell structure, for example, doxorubicin and gemcitabine, for calculations of specific surface area of the layers with arbitrary values of their number and density. The results of the work are also actual for application in development of new magnetically operated adsorption materials of technical, technological, ecological, and medical-biological destination, medical test-systems, and theranostic remedies.

Keywords: nanocomposites, superparamagnetic core, multilevel shell, specific surface area, optimization of nanoarchitecture, application in oncology
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