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T. O. Veklich, O. A. Shkrabak, R. V. Rodik, V. I. Kalchenko, S. O. Kosterin
«Calix[4]arenas C-107 and C-90 Are Embedded in the Lipid Bilayer of Plasma Membranes and Change Their Structure»
465–471 (2020)

PACS numbers: 81.16.Fg, 82.39.-k, 87.14.Cc, 87.16.D-, 87.19.Ff,, 87.64.kv

Using plasmatic membrane fractions of smooth-muscle cells, it is shown that calix[4]arenes C-107 and C-90, which selectively inhibit Na\(^{+}\), K\(^{+}\)-ase and \(^{2+}\), Mg\(^{2+}\)-ATPase, respectively, quench the fluorescence of the membrane probe ANS that is caused by decreasing of the maximum fluorescence of the probe (by 1.5 times) without significant changes in the affinity of the membranes to the probe, i.e., without the competition of calixarenes with the ANS for binding to the membrane. The obtained results indicate the incorporation of calix[4]arenes C-107 and C-90 into plasmatic membranes and changes of their liquid-crystalline state and/or surface charge that means the possibility of calixarene interaction with the transmembrane domains of Na\(^{+}\), K\(^{+}\)-ase and \(^{2+}\),Mg\(^{2+}\)-ATPase, and their inhibition by respective calixarenes can be mediated through the lipid environment.

Keywords: \(^{2+}\), Mg\(^{2+}\)-ATPase, Na\(^{+}\), K\(^{+}\)-se, plasmatic membrane, myometrium, calix[4]arene
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