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S. E. Litvin, Yu. A. Kurapov, O. M. Vazhnycha, Ya. A. Stel’makh, S. M. Romanenko, O. I. Oranska
«Electron-Beam Physical Deposition within the Vacuum of Biologically Pure (Ligandless) Iron Oxide Nanoparticles»
373–392 (2020)

PACS numbers: 61.05.cp, 68.37.Hk, 68.37.Lp, 68.43.-h, 78.67.Bf, 81.15.Jj, 81.70.Pg

The results of study of the structure of porous condensates of the composition iron–sodium chloride, chemical and phase compositions, and size of nanoparticles obtained by physical synthesis from the vapour phase using the electron-beam physical vapour deposition method are considered. With a rapid recovery from vacuum, iron nanoparticles are oxidized in the air to magnetite. In the initial state, they have significant sorption capacity with respect to oxygen and moisture. Physically adsorbed oxygen participates in the oxidation of Fe\(_3\)O\(_4\) to Fe\(_2\)O\(_3\). An increase in condensation temperature is accompanied by the increase in size of nanoparticles; as a result of that, the total surface area of nanoparticles is significantly reduced, and consequently, their sorption capacity is decreased. Even without stabilization, such nanoparticles studied as ex tempore prepared aqueous dispersion have characteristic antianemic effect on the laboratory animals that can be used in medicine.

Keywords: EB-PVD, iron oxide nanoparticles, sorption, phase composition, colloid systems, antianemic effect

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