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M. Yu. Barabash, N. P. Suprun, D. O. Hrynko, A. A. Kolesnichenko, D. S. Leonov, S. O. Sperkach
«Metal Replica of the Surface of the Nanostructured Template As a Tool of ‘Smart’ Textile»
345–356 (2020)

PACS numbers: 42.40.Ht, 42.62.Cf, 61.41.+e, 68.37.Ps, 81.16.Nd, 82.35.-x, 83.80.-k

The purpose of the work is to establish the possibility of using the technique of replicating the nanostructured-templates’ surface as a tool for ‘smart’ textiles. The replication of the simplest nanoobjects—2D-nanostructures of gold–amorphous molecular semiconductor (AMS) by injection moulding of plastic from a template sample is tested. The task of developing the textiles’ structural dyeing method using nanotechnology in the processes of nanoimprint or crazing is relevant. The developed lattice samples with an area of about 5 cm\(^2\) and a period of about 700 nm are made using an electrostatic template created by holographic lithography in counter beams. The surface of the template is metallized with gold by thermal evaporation in a vacuum. Replicas of the lattice are obtained by electroforming. The mould-forming surfaces of the casting replicas are deposited from Ni–Co alloy as a solid surface layer with thickness of 150 \(\mu\)m. Subsequently, the upgrading of replica surface by nickel is continued in another bath to a thickness of 2 mm.

Keywords: template, nanoimprint, crazing-decoration, replication, amorphous molecular semiconductor, polyvincarbazole

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