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A. V. Babich, V. F. Klepikov, E. A. Melyakova
«Chirality and Spontaneous Racemicity Breaking in Nanosystems»
217–225 (2020)

PACS numbers: 05.70.Fh, 11.15.Ex, 11.30.Qc, 11.30.Rd, 64.60.Bd, 81.05.Xj, 87.15.B-

The problem of description of spontaneous breaking of symmetry for racemic mixtures of mirror-dissymmetric molecules is considered. The periods of spatially periodic phases arising during spontaneous breaking of symmetry are incommensurable with the period of crystal lattices and can have sizes of the order of nanoscales. The influence of fluctuations of the field of order parameters on the applicability of the mean field approximation for the description of critical phenomena in spontaneous breaking of symmetry is discussed.

Keywords: chiral purity, racemism, field theory, phase transitions

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