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A. B. Melnick, V. Ya. Beloshapka, V. K. Soolshenko
«Modelling of Transition Metal High-Entropy Solid Solutions»
557–566 (2019)

PACS numbers: 05.10.Ln, 05.70.Ce, 64.75.Ef,, 81.30.Bx, 81.30.Fb, 82.60.Lf

The compositions of high-entropy alloys based on the elements Ni, Co, Fe, Cr, Mn, Ti, V, Cu, Al, Zr, and Si are evaluated with use of thermodynamic approach. Optimal compositions for alloys with minimal Gibbs energy are obtained, and influence of various factors on formation of the alloys is described. As shown, the most stable alloys are nonequiatomic. The compositions for alloys, which will be in the state of homogeneous multicomponent solid solutions, are determined.

Keywords: high-entropy alloys, solid solution, Gibbs energy, transition metals

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