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О. P. Motuziuk, D. М. Nozdrenko, K. I. Bogutska, O. V. Remeniak, and Yu. I. Prylutskyy
«Morphological Changes in the Ischemic Muscle Fibres of Musculus Soleus at Chronic Alcoholization of Animals and Application of an Aqueous Colloidal Solution of\(C_{60}\)Fullerenes»
207–224 (2019)

PACS numbers: 81.16.Fg, 82.70.Dd, 87.16.D-, 87.16.Tb, 87.19.Ff, 87.64.Dz, 87.64.M-

The morphological features of ischemic muscle fibres of musculus soleus of rats at their chronic alcoholization and therapeutic effect of C60-fullerene aqueous colloidal solution on the severity level of pathomorphological changes in such a muscle are analysed in detail. As shown, the soleus muscle, in which fibres of the slow type prevail, is resistant to mild ischemic damage. With an increase in the duration of ischemia, pathological changes gradually arise in the muscle, in particular, a decrease in fibre size, expansion of the interstitial space, an increase in the number of fibroblasts, loss of transverse banding, appearance of wavelike bends on the membrane, and signs of necrosis clearly manifest. With the therapeutic in vivo administration of water-soluble C60-fullerenes, which are powerful antioxidants and are able to absorb free radicals effectively, muscles showed long-lasting resistance to ischemic aggression. Results obtained can be used in medical nanotechnologies for the assessment and subsequent therapy of ischemic injuries of human skeletal muscles.

Keywords: ischemia, muscle fibres musculus soleus, C60-fullerenes, light microscopy

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