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Д. В. Щур, С. Ю. Загинайченко, З. А. Матысина, Н. П. Боцьва, Е. В. Елина, Е. В. Ильченко
«Фуллериды щёлочноземельных и редкоземельных металлов: структура и свойства»
525–548 (2015)

PACS numbers: 61.48.-c, 64.60.Cn, 65.40.gd, 74.70.Wz, 75.40.Cx, 81.05.ub, 81.30.Hd, 82.60.Lf

A statistical theory of the atomic and magnetic orderings of fullerides of the alkaline-earth and rare-earth metals having the properties of superconductivity and ideal diamagnetism is developed. The free energies and the thermodynamic potential are calculated as functions of temperature, atomic concentration of metals, parameters of the atomic and magnetic orders, energy constants as well as of external hydrostatic pressure, crystal volume, degree of magnetization, and magnetic field intensity. The equations of thermodynamic equilibrium determining the temperature dependences of parameters of the atomic and magnetic orders are obtained. The critical temperatures of phase transitions into the atomically ordered and magnetically ordered states are estimated. Dependence of the crystal volume on pressure and temperature is studied. Degree of diamagnetism of samples outside and within the external magnetic field is determined. Influence of atomic order on the degree of magnetization is established. The calculation results are compared with experimental data.

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