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Е. Э. Засимчук, Н. Г. Чаусов, Т. В. Турчак, А. С. Гаценко, А. И. Баскова, Е. М. Волянская, Р. Г. Гонтарева, В. Б. Гуцайлюк
«Влияние динамического нагружения на наноструктурные изменения в сплаве 2024-Т3, разрушенном в условиях усталости»
511–524 (2015)

PACS numbers: 06.06.Vz, 61.72.Ff, 62.20.me, 62.23.St, 81.40.Lm, 81.40.Np, 81.70.Bt

In a given work, the results of a quantitative investigation of the phase composition of the 2024-T3 alloy samples destroyed under cyclic loads after prior static and dynamic tensile are presented. As shown, the phase composition of the alloy, including, in addition to the aluminium-based solid solution, strengthening phases in the form of the Al2Cu (so-called ?-phase) and CuAl2Mg (so-called S-phase) nanoparticles, is considerably changed during plastic deformation. Reducing the concentration of one of the phases is accompanied by increasing concentration of the other analysed phase; however, the total concentration of particles is always reduced compared with the initial state for all using types of mechanical treatment. As shown, the fatigue life of the 2024-T3 alloy can be increased during the preliminary static deformation with impulse load that is conducive to both sharp decreasing of the concentration of the S-phase nanoparticles and increasing of the concentration of the ?-phase nanoparticles.

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