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В. Б. Молодкін, В. Ю. Сторіжко, С. В. Лізунова, Б. В. Шелудченко, В. В. Лізунов, М. Г. Толмачов, Є. М. Кисловський, С. Й. Оліховський, С. О. Вершинський, В. Л. Денисенко, К. В. Фузік, Г. О. Веліховський, Р. В. Лехняк, Є. Г. Лень, Л. М. Скапа, С. М. Бровчук
«Нові можливості створення фазоконтрастних томографів для медицини»
469–502 (2015)

PACS numbers: 07.85.Jy, 07.85.Qe, 61.05.cc, 87.57.cj, 87.57.Q-, 87.59.-e

In this paper, a detailed comparative analysis of a number of available methods for phase-contrast tomography, and opportunities for use of them for medical diagnostics is carried out. The features, advantages, and disadvantages of the phase-dispersion method, which is most promising among them, are considered in detail. It uses refraction for development of new approaches on this basis and opportunities for appropriate medicine diagnostics of early stage tumours with arbitrary shapes and sizes, including micrometer ones. The possibilities for increasing the informative diagnosis based on the triple-axial model of multiple scattering (developed by authors) in the monochromator and tested object as well as the analyser are demonstrated with taking into account experimental splitting of contributions from absorption and refraction in the object, and distortions of crystal structure of the monochromator and analyser.

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