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459–468 (2015)

PACS numbers: 72.10.Fk, 73.23.-b, 73.25.+i, 73.50.Bk, 73.61.At, 81.15.Kk, 85.40.Xx

The peculiarities of influence of condensation mode and surface state of amorphous substrate on nucleation and growth of gold films are investigated. Thin gold films are fabricated by condensation of thermally evaporated metal on glass and carbon substrates at a temperature of liquid nitrogen (quench condensed). Thin germanium sublayers are deposited on substrate surface directly before fabrication of metal films. Investigation of metal films is carried out under ultrahigh vacuum condition (p???10?7 Pa). As revealed, the ultrathin germanium sublayers with different mass thickness radically change both the conditions of gold film nucleation and the substrate-surface degree of fill with a metal. As shown, the combined application of quench condensed method and preliminary condensation of surface-active germanium sublayers with different thickness on substrate surface can control the average linear sizes of crystallites in gold films.

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