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А. П. Кирилюк
«Бесхиггсова каузально полная теория на основенередуцированной сложной динамики взаимодействия»
161–199 (2015)

PACS numbers: 03.30.+p, 03.65.-w, 05.45.-a, 11.10.-z, 12.10.-g, 12.90.+b, 14.80.Bn, 45.50.-j

Introduction of a new physical entity, the omnipresent Higgs field and bosons, within the Standard model of elementary particles and interactions is related to the absence of the universal dynamic origin of particle mass in this standard description, which is compensated for by particle interaction with the Higgs field. In this paper, we propose an extended review of the theory of complex dynamics of unreduced interaction in multicomponent systems, which provides such universal dynamic and intrinsic origin of mass appearing, in the case of elementary particles, together with particles themselves. The same complex-dynamic interaction in the initial minimal system of two homogeneous protofields accounts also for the emergence of all other internal and dynamic particle properties and fundamental interactions (now dynamically unified). We consider particular advantages of such complex-dynamic origin of mass as compared to the Higgs mechanism and propose the respective Higgsless interpretation of recent experimental results of the ‘Higgs boson discovery’ at the Large Hadron Collider. Finally, we formulate the necessary essential changes of the entire strategy of research in high-energy physics and fundamental physics in general, which follow from the obtained results.

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