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І. М. Козак, Д. М. Поліщук, А. Ф. Кравець, В. О. Голуб, V. Korenivski
«ФМР в обмінно-зв’язаних багатошарових структурах»
147–159 (2015)

PACS numbers: 75.20.En, 75.30.Et, 75.47.Np, 75.70.Cn, 75.75.Cd, 76.50.+g, 81.40.Rs

In this article, the results of investigations of ferromagnetic resonance (FMR) in exchange-coupled multilayer structures such as ‘ferromagnet (Ni80Fe20)/weakly magnetic layer (NixCu100?x)/fixed ferromagnet (Co90Fe10/Mn80Ir20)’ are presented. The magnetic and resonance parameters of these structures are determined, and their dependence on the thickness of weakly magnetic layer, concentration of Ni, and temperature is revealed. In the room-temperature FMR spectra, two signals are observed and display ferromagnetic properties corresponding to the Ni80Fe20 (Py) and Co90Fe10 layers. As shown, the behaviour of resonance field, line width, and effective magnetization for the Py layer is caused by the interlayer exchange interaction, which depends on both the thickness (d) of weakly magnetic layer and the concentration (x) of Ni atoms within it. Samples with x???54%, d???3 nm and x???62%, d???6 nm are characterized by the largest interlayer interaction. The dependence of magnetization on temperature rapidly increases with decreasing temperature.

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