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А. Т. Пономаренко, В. Г. Шевченко
«Структуры для поглощения электромагнитного поляв сантиметровом диапазоне»
117–133 (2015)

PACS numbers: 07.57.Kp, 42.70.Qs, 77.22.Ch, 78.67.Pt, 78.70.Gq, 84.40.-x

We investigate electromagnetic properties of different model structures representing the polar liquid layer on a metal substrate or polymeric framework with mutually perpendicular trapezoidal channels of the calculated height and base, filled with liquid (ethyl alcohol, water, water-alcohol mixtures, and solutions of inorganic salts and polysaccharides), with different shape and cross-sectional area. The measurements are performed using horn antennas of appropriate sizes.

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