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М. А. Заболотний, М. П. Куліш, І. С. Чекман, Г. І. Соляник,О. П. Дмитренко, Т. О. Буско, О. Л. Павленко, Л. М. Кіркілевська,Ю. М. Кондрацький
«Модифікація протипухлинних препаратів наноструктурами»
001–014 (2015)

PACS numbers: 65.80.-g, 81.16.-c, 82.60.Qr, 87.85.J-, 87.85.Qr, 87.19.xj, 87.50.-a

The relationship between the physical and medical-biological properties of antitumor drugs, modification of the pharmacological properties of known anticancer agents aimed at improving their efficiency and reducing toxicity are investigated. The basic problems of pharmacological-oncology treatment of locally advanced and disseminated forms of cancer are specified. The possibilities of modification of anticancer drugs using biologically neutral or slightly toxic dopant and radiation exposure of drugs or their solvents are studied. Both the basic physical factors determining the possibility of modifying nanodopants and the requirements for them are listed.

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