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С. И. Покутний, П. П. Горбик, К. А. Чорный
«Сверхатомы в квазинульмерных наноструктурах»
0595–0600 (2014)

PACS numbers: 68.65.Нb, 71.35.Ee, 73.20.Mf, 73.21.La,73.22.Lp, 81.05.Zx

This article summarizes the results of theoretical studies of artificial atom (or superatom)—nanosize quasi-atomic structure with a spatially separate electron and hole (a hole moving in the volume of a semiconducting (dielectric) quantum dot (QD) and an electron localized on the outer spherical interface between the QD and a dielectric matrix). As shown, the quasi-molecules and quasi-crystals can be constructed from these artificial atoms and have predetermined physical and chemical properties. The possibility of experimental study of superatoms and their role in a variety of physical and chemical phenomena as well as in technical applications are discussed.

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