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В. В. Лизунов, С. М. Бровчук, А. И. Низкова, В. Б. Молодкин, С. В. Лизунова, Б. В. Шелудченко, А. И. Гранкина, И. И. Рудницкая, С. В. Дмитриев, Н. Г. Толмачев, Р. В. Лехняк, Л. Н. Скапа, Н. П. Ирха
«Основы многопараметрической диагностики с использованием деформационных зависимостей полной интегральной интенсивности динамической дифракции»
0565–0584 (2014)

PACS numbers: 07.85.Jy, 61.05.cc, 61.05.cf, 61.05.cp, 61.46.Hk, 61.72.Dd, 81.07.Bc

In a given paper, the models of the deformation dependences (DD) of dynamical diffraction of total (Bragg and diffuse) integral intensity (DDTII) are developed for crystals with several types of defects in the case of sufficiently high degree of elastic deformation and for the different diffraction conditions. The sufficient selectivity of the DD DDTII sensitivity to that type of defects, which gives determining contribution to DDTII in the chosen diffraction conditions and the intervals of the elastic-deformation variation changes, is established. It constructs the basis for development of the diagnostics problem of multiparametric systems by means of this selectivity control of DD DDTII within the combined approach. The results of the developed practical approach are presented.

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