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В. В. Васькевич, В. Е. Гайшун, Д. Л. Коваленко
«Синтез и исследование силикатных золь–гель-покрытий для микро- и наноэлектроники»
0279–0293 (2014)

PACS numbers: 68.37.Ps, 68.55.J-, 78.30.-j, 81.15.Gh, 81.20.Fw, 81.65.Ps, 82.70.Gg

The possibility of protective SiO2 coatings based on sol–gel method with hydrolysis of organometallic compounds of silicon in a water–alcohol mixture is considered. The optimal parameters of application and heat treatment to obtain homogeneous coatings on single-crystalline silicon are described. The studies of mechanical abrasion resistance as the main type of coatings’ testing on strength and adhesion to the substrate surface are performed. Phase and structural transformations during the sol–gel films’ fabrication are studied by IR spectroscopy. Dependences of the coating-surface state and morphology on the original film-forming solution composition and technological modes of dielectric-films’ fabrication are established by AFM method. Electrophysical properties of formed MDS structures depending on the film-forming-solution composition are analysed.

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